Where are const variables stored on attiny's?

Until shortly I thought that all variables where saved in the RAM, also on the newer attiny's. But then I wondered, why the program or data space never increased, when I added some const char's.

./toolchain_microchip/bin/avr-objcopy -j .text -j .data -j .rodata -O ihex main.elf main.hex

Device: attiny3217
Program:    6326 bytes (19.3% Full)
Data:        119 bytes (5.8% Full)

Extending a const char variable just left the values untouched. I then started to look for a command where I could check the storage usage in detail. That's where avr-size comes to play.

./toolchain_microchip/bin/avr-size -A main.elf
main.elf  :
section                     size      addr
.data                          0   8402944
.text                       6326         0
.rodata                      633     39094
.bss                         119   8402944
.eeprom                        8   8454144
.comment                      91         0
.note.gnu.avr.deviceinfo      64         0
.debug_aranges                96         0
.debug_info                 8502         0
.debug_abbrev               7654         0
.debug_line                  779         0
.debug_str                  3361         0
Total                      27633

Constant variables are automatically stored in the .rodata section. According to the gnu compiler doc, data saved in .rodata stays in the flash, because the newer attiny chips have special LD* instructions which can be used with the fact that the flash memory is mapped into the RAM address space.